Handwoven Scarves and Shawls

If you are looking to learn to weave a special gift or a great wardrobe accent, handwoven scarves and shawls are always a favorite among weavers. Check out all of the woven scarf and shawl projects here.

Hearts 'n Bones Scarf Kit

Weave a Day of the Dead-Inspired Scarf

When I first moved to New Mexico, the first time, I was delighted to discover skeletons lurking in just about every New Mexican themed shop and throughout the art in the weekly farmers market. By skeletons, I don’t mean deep dark secrets. I mean actual art of skeletons dancing, playing instruments, and generally not letting…


Small is More

    Potholders by Jean Korus. Madelyn van der Hoogt Editor Emeritus, Handwoven weavingtoday.com I started weaving (first on a Dorothy table loom) because I wanted to weave early-American-style coverlets. At the time, I marveled that real people actually wove those coverlets on their own looms at home. To think that I might do that,…


The Trials and Triumphs of Learning to Weave

    Solola teacher Felicia demonstrates winding the heddle string Madelyn van der Hoogt Editor Emeritus, Handwoven weavingtoday.com The first time I saw weaving in process was in the main plaza of Oaxaca, Mexico. Sitting on the ground, a woman was weaving on a backstrap loom tied to a tree. As I watched, she dexterously…


Exploring the Inspiration Behind Woven Pieces

    The Snakeskin Scarf, as seen in the latest issue of Handwoven, features a beautiful 8-shaft twill design inspired by our legless reptilian friends. Christina Garton Editor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com One of my favorite parts about working for Handwoven is learning about the inspiration behind certain pieces. I know my own thought process when…


Preparing for the Holiday Onslaught

Free Weaving Patterns from Weaving Today   I’m finding it very hard to believe September is almost over. Last I checked, it was still June, the sun was shining, and the whole summer was ahead of me. Now, suddenly we’re head over heels into fall and it’s now two months to Thanksgiving and the opening…

Free! 8-Shaft Weaving Patterns for the 8-Shaft Loom

Free 8-Shaft Weaving Patterns for the 8-Shaft Loom   I’ve owned my 8-shaft loom for just over a year, but it’s only recently that I’ve started weaving projects that require “more than four.” Honestly, I could probably have woven nothing but 4-shaft projects for the rest of my weaving life and been perfectly happy. However,…


Learning from the Best

    Madelyn's deflected doubleweavesilk scarves      Light and lacy scarf in huck lace Around the same time I started my job at Handwoven I heard from a former professor who wanted me to send a survey to my supervisor (in this case, Madelyn van der Hoogt) so they could rank how prepared I…


Hearts 'n Bones Scarf by Nancy Peterson

This fun skeleton scarf by Nancy Peterson is perfect for Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, or just everyday wear. It’s woven in 8-shaft point twill, treadled straight twill as rosepath. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! But, it’s never too late to join us! Come on in and we’ll show you how.***