Inkle Loom Projects

Inkle loom bands are fun and easy to weave. Find instructions on how to weave different inkle band patterns and for turning your inkle bands into projects such as bags and hang tabs for your handwoven towels. This is also the place for finding tablet weaving and card weaving projects that can be done on an inkle loom.


Inkle Bag for a Mini Tablet

This sweet little inkle bag by Trudy Sonia and featured in the January/February 2015 issue of Handwoven is the perfect way to tote around a mini-tablet or ereader. The body and strap are all woven on an inkle loom in warp-faced plain weave before they are sewn together into this cute little bag. ***SORRY, THIS…


Baltic Heart Bands

The sweet Baltic heart design on these bands can be woven on either an inkle loom or using a Sunna double-slotted heddle. You can use them as an elegant hanging tab for Susan J. Foulke’s Baltic Hearts Tea Towels featured in the November/December 2014 issue of Handwoven or use them in any other way you…


3-D Band Ornaments

Judith Yamamoto’s clever band ornaments make great decorations or gifts. This download includes instructions for her drum ornament, which is woven on an inkle loom, and her tree ornament, which is woven on a shaft or rigid-heddle loom. Both are absolutely adorable.  ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! But, it’s never too…


New Free Inkle Weaving eBook from Weaving Today

Weaving Today's Guide to Inkle Weaving: Free Inkle Loom Patterns, Plans, and Projects Today's inkle weavers have many  wonderful inkle looms to choose from. When I was in eighth grade, the girls were required to take a year of home economics classes and the boys were required to take either shop or draft class. (In ninth…