Handwoven pillows are a great way to display your weaving around the home, weave with thicker knitting yarns, and play with new structures and techniques. Find projects for weaving pillow cases and throw pillows that will look perfect on your couch or bed, including instructions on how to weave pillows on a rigid-heddle loom.


Weave Eleven Pillows on One Warp

This weaving project by Madelyn van der Hoogt and Suzie Liles was mentioned in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Handwoven. Here are the instructions for weaving eleven different pillows on just one warp. The pillows are based on a draft originally published by Penelope Drooker.  You’ll practice overshot, boundweave, lace, honeycomb, petit point, and more as you…


A New eBook: Weaving with Wool

    A wool swatch collection by Sharon Alderman      Wool samples by Nell Znamierowski      Wadmal Vest by Jane Patrick My first weaving was a sampler. The warp was 8/4 cotton carpet warp (orange) and the weft was Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn (army green). The yarns and colors were chosen by the…


Weaving by Hand

When I visit with weavers from around the world, one thing that strikes me again and again is that the weaver is so much more than his or her loom. Handweavers in remote areas, working with the simplest of looms and tools, create stunning, intricate designs that would be a challenge to reproduce with sophisticated…


Free Weaving Patterns eBook

Free Weaving Patterns from Weaving Today: Rigid-Heddle Loom Patterns and Huck Lace and Collapse Weave Projects Here’s a free collection of weaving patterns and how-to information that every weaver needs—new weavers and experienced weavers alike.      Learn how to do pile weave on the rigid-heddle loom with this pillow pattern by Jane Patrick  …