Sari Silk Soumak Tote

Sari Silk Soumak Tote by Sara Lamb
Sari Silk Soumak Tote by Sara Lamb

Designer: Sara Lamb

Equipment: Rigid-heddle or 2-shaft loom with 8″ weaving width, 8-dent heddle/reed, 1 shuttle, 1 netting

Other Supplies: Black cotton fabric for backing; 3 oz cow suede garment split leather for bag body; 2½ oz lambskin for piping; fabric for lining; crib-weight batting for interlining; wool felt batting and heavy fusible interfacing for bag bottom; all-purpose cement; hammer; 4 metal rivets; leather awl; fabric clips; hand needles, linen sewing thread.

Finished Size: 7″ x 31″

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