Table Linens

How do you get custom handwoven home décor that expresses your unique style? Weave one yourself one of our table runner projects or other table linen projects found here.

Looking for a wonderful turned overshot weaving project for the holidays?

Need for Speed? Turn That Draft!

Weaving with supplemental warps opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, allowing you to overcome some of the limitations of two-shuttle weaves. Deb Essen is a master of weaving supplemental warps, without the need for a second back beam. Here she is to share some more information about the technique and tell you…

Tons of inspiration for woven table runner patterns!

Editor’s Picks: Runners to Brighten Your Table

Weavers love table runners, and for good reason! Runners allow you to minimize waste and time spent finishing, and they are wonderful for practicing a new weaving technique or weave structure. Whether you weave them on four shafts, eight shafts, or a rigid heddle, there’s a lot to learn by weaving runners. I asked the…


A New eBook: Waffle Weave

    Bath set by Karen Tenney. A New eBook: Waffle Weave Madelyn van der Hoogt Editor Emeritus, Handwoven, and owner, The Weavers' School I remember the first time I saw a waffle-weave fabric. It looked soooo much like a Belgian waffle! It’s interesting that in England, waffle weave is called honeycomb. No one…


"Sweetie" runner

I made this draft, to be woven in twill or something like that (I apologize for not knowing the structures the way I should, but I´m working on that…). For this runner I decided to make some modifications, small ones, on the original draft, and I was very pleased with the result, that´s why I…


Ragtime Remix Rag Woven Placemats

These exquisite rag placemats carefullyl blend colors to create a beautiful, ombre looking pattern. Needing only 4-shafts, these mats are sure to brighten your table and impress your guests. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! But, it’s never too late to join us! Come on in and we’ll show you how.***


Peerless, Tearless Linen

  To my mind, linen has always been the queen of fibers. (Perhaps silk is the empress.) Growing up with a parent and grandparents fresh from “the old country,” I was taught to prize fine linens because no family occasion could happen without them. As an adult, I also learned how much of my rural…


New eBook on Honeycomb!

    Blanket by Sharon Alderman       Swatches by Sharon Alderman       Bib by Margaretha Essin-Hedin Nothing is quite so appealing to a weaver as to weave something that looks one way on the loom, remove it, wash it, and find it completely transformed. (Er, except when the transformation is something one doesn’t…


Preparing for the Holiday Onslaught

Free Weaving Patterns from Weaving Today   I’m finding it very hard to believe September is almost over. Last I checked, it was still June, the sun was shining, and the whole summer was ahead of me. Now, suddenly we’re head over heels into fall and it’s now two months to Thanksgiving and the opening…


A New eBook: Weaving with Linen

I will never forget my introduction to weaving with linen. I threaded a linen warp on a borrowed Dorothy table loom for my first-ever weaving workshop. The workshop was held at The Weaver’s Store in Columbia, Missouri, the nearest big town to our very rural farm. (At the time, I mistakenly thought that every town…