Woven Baby Blankets: Free Projects for Huck, M’s and O’s, and Waffle Weave

Weave a Hand Woven Baby Blanket

Nothing shows you care like a handwoven baby blanket. Whether you want to give a friend a handwoven gift for their new baby or create an heirloom for a baby of your own, any of these four handwoven projects are sure to become a treasured keepsake.

This free eBook from Weaving Today includes four  baby blanket patterns. You’ll explore huck lace, supplementary warp and weft, M’s and O’s, and waffle weave. The blankets are for 4 and 8 shafts, so any weaver with any loom can find a project.

If you’re weaving a baby blanket for the first time, you’ll find the projects easy to follow, with detailed instructions and images. Experienced weavers will love advancing their skills while creating a beautiful blanket that will be cherished for years to come.

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Weaving a baby blanket shows you care, and lets you practice your weaving techniques.

What’s inside?

Weaving a baby blanket is one of the most rewarding weaving projects you can undertake, as you pour your love for the newborn into every pick. Plus their small size means you don’t need a giant loom to weave one! But deciding what to weave can be tricky. Which structures are baby-friendly?

These four woven baby blanket projects are woven in structures that don’t have long floats to catch on baby fingers. They also use washable, durable yarns, so these heirlooms will last for many years.

Experiment with huck lace, waffle weave, M’s and O’s, and even plain weave embellished with supplemental warp and weft threads to create cute crayon patterning. Let your imagination run wild and get weaving!

This huck lace woven baby blanket would make a perfect handwoven gift for a new baby.

A Handwoven Baby Blanket Project for Beginners

Huck Baby Blanket by Linda Ligon

This lightweight cloth is the perfect project to get started weaving baby blankets. A simple crocheted edging borders Linda Ligon’s lightweight baby blanket which is delicately patterned with huck lace diamonds. Woven on an 8-shaft loom with unmercerized cotton, a favorite weaving yarn for baby blankets, this blanket is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

This woven baby blanket is made on an 8-shaft loom to create the crayon motifs.

A Fun, Creative Handwoven Children’s Blanket

Crayon Blanket and Pillows by Beverly Savel

Crayons struck Beverly as an ideal motif for the border of a child’s blanket, but how to weave the border on all four sides? The solution is to use a supplementary weft for the top and bottom borders and a supplementary warp for the borders on the the sides. Experiment with the 8-shaft blanket, and then weave the matching crayon pillows on 4 shafts.

Weave a baby blanket on a 4-shaft loom.

Playing with Color for Handwoven Baby Blankets

A New Look at Threading M’s and O’s by Kathleen Farling

Did you know that babies don’t see color until they’re several months old? So why stick to pink for girls and blue for boys? The floats in M’s and O’s provide an opportunity to play with color at the loom. You can change the pair of wefts any time, creating stripes and gradations of color and a different look for every piece. This 4-shaft weaving project might be the only baby blanket pattern you ever need! Just keep changing up the colors.

Weave a 4-shaft baby blanket with this free weaving pattern.

Weaving a Baby Blanket with Rich Texture

Waffle Weave Baby Blanket by Suzie Liles

Waffle weave produces an especially insulating fabric, perfect for keeping a newborn nice and toasty. It also shows off luxury yarns with its distinctive dimensional cells framed by long floats. This blanket is woven in a bamboo/superwash wool/silk blend. What a perfect recipe for a handwoven baby blanket that is durable, washable, and most importantly, baby soft.

These projects are perfect for all kinds of weavers.

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Weave a hand woven baby blanket on a 4-shaft loom or an 8-shaft loom.