Beautiful Hand Woven Blankets: Free Projects to Make Woven Throws for All Seasons

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In this free eBook with projects for creating beautiful and unique woven blankets, the experts are taking weavers on a blanket weaving journey full of surprises. Hand woven blankets make great gifts for any occasion and can be made as heavy- or light-weight as you like, to accommodate all seasons. Each project in this free eBook includes detailed instructions and illustrations to complete a hand woven blanket quickly and successfully. No matter what your skill level, choose from a plain-weave plaid blanket, a colorful twill blanket, or a lacy plaid blanket made from light-weight wool. Add a touch of elegance to any room during any season with a comfortable woven throw blanket.


Imagine completing your own hand loomed blankets to be enjoyed by many for years to come. Make a cozy naptime blanket that adds a personalized, colorful accent to your home. Whether you’re looking to learn a new weaving technique or create a special gift, handwoven throws are always fun and gratifying projects! Anyone can learn how to weave a blanket and each of the beautiful projects will inspire new weaving ideas every time you wrap one of the blankets around you. Download your free eBook to begin today!


Create Beautiful Handwoven Blankets
Colorful hand woven blanket .

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Experience the satisfaction of completing a new handwoven blanket and warming up underneath it for the very first time. Add a personalized splash of colorful decor with a merino wool and cotton blanket or create an attractive woven throw perfect for summer evenings on the porch. Once you’ve completed one of these projects, test your skills at the others – each of these projects provides expert tips and suggestions for the beginner and fun techniques for the experienced weaver to weave a blanket they will be able to show off for years to come.

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A handwoven blanket makes a great project for beginners and expert weavers alike. Weaving Today is dedicating these three free hand woven blanket patterns, collected in a beautiful and informative eBook, to all weavers looking for step-by-step instructions to make a woven throw. Weave one up as a gift or for everyday use in your own home.


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Hand Woven Blanket #1

Lush, Brushed by Liz Moncrief


This is a simple plain-weave plaid blanket using brightly colored alpaca/wool blend yarn, appropriate for weavers of any level and with any type of loom. It’s woven in plain weave (rather than twill) because the bright yarns are so soft and fuzzy that the cleaner sheds made possible by looser setts seemed like a good idea to designer Liz Moncrief. After brushing, because of the loftiness of the yarn, the blanket provides wonderful warmth without the greater weight of a closer twill sett. The finished piece weighs just a bit over two pounds. These yarns come in a wonderful range of colors, so choose colors and a stripe design that fit your decor.

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Hand Woven Blanket #2

A Twill Color Gamp by Robyn Spady


A lofty cotton and merino yarn makes this blanket a perfect companion for weaving breaks. Weavers love gamps! This project is really two gamps in one: a twill gamp and a color gamp. Five twills are used with five warm hues to create twenty-five color and pattern combinations. You’ll love this soft, smooth yarn, and you’ll get new weaving ideas every time you wrap your blanket around you. Although it is designed for a floor loom with a 40" weaving width, the blanket can be woven in two or more panels on a smaller loom. By making this lovely hand woven throw or blanket, weavers can explore twill and color while creating an attractive addition for any room in the house.

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Hand Woven Blanket #3

Soft Pillows and Lace by Rita Hagenbruch


This lacy plaid piece is woven in light-weight wool, suitable for cool summer evenings in a porch rocker or winter naps by the fire. A mohair bouclé used as one of the monk’s belt pattern wefts for the coordinating pillows makes them soft and fuzzy. The cloth is woven entirely in white, blue, and tan Shetland wool. The pillows use the same blue and tan wool as pattern wefts. Designs of squares and rectangles further tie the pieces together. Shetland wool is available in many colors—choose some that work well in your home!

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A Handwoven Blanket Makes a Great Project for Beginners and Expert Weavers Alike

Do you want to learn how to weave a blanket? This free eBook is here to guide you to creating one of a kind woven throws! Are you searching for gift ideas for someone special in your life? Discover beautiful ideas to weave a gift they’ll cherish forever.



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Create Beautiful Handwoven Blankets

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